Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life. - John 3:36


This short film depicts the power of hope in the midst of difficulty.  Hope does not depend upon our surroundings, but looks ahead, in confidence, to the beauty that is coming.  Far too often, we give up too early and forget what is ahead.

As believers, we have vibrant, dynamic, and active hope in Jesus Christ.  Not only did our faith begin with an empty tomb, but we toward to His return — and His beauty that will far surpass our current surroundings.  It is this hope that enables us to be joyful when everything else seems bleak.  Ultimately, our hope does not depend upon the scarce resources of this world, but in Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Enjoy the film, and if you haven’t in a while, it’s time to fly.

Music by Hammock.  Film directed by David Altobelli.  Official selection LA Film Festival 2010.

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